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Arcadia Residence

Phoenix, Arizona

After raising a family in this 1957 ranch-style house on a quiet street in Arcadia, the owners were eager to make the home more livable and comfortable for their extended family.

The original structure was gutted and completely reconfigured, effectively creating a brand-new home. The main living spaces, including kitchen, dining room and family room, were completely reconfigured for better flow and cohesiveness. All systems – electrical, waste lines/plumbing and HVAC – were upgraded to current standards. Hardwood flooring was installed throughout.

A new 1,200 square-foot addition added significant space to the original 3,600 square-foot home and allowed the creation of a relaxing master suite.

Custom-designed structural-steel windows gave the dining room a strong focal point, bringing light into the interior and framing a dramatic view of nearby Camelback Mountain.


Working within the existing footprint of the home as much as possible conserved costs and allowed the desired functionality while minimizing the size of the addition. Engaging smaller subcontractors and closely supervising production on items such as the custom kitchen cabinets, drywall and tile, also helped stretch the budget.

Incorporating proper architectural detailing and improved insulation throughout the home delivered on Rousseau Design’s goal of keeping the owners’ monthly electric costs the same as before, even though the home grew by nearly 30 percent.

Client Testimonial

One of our goals was to maintain the original character of the understated "Arcadia Ranch House" with a contemporary feel. After seeing examples of Clyde's previous projects, we immediately knew he was the person to design and build our home.

Also, since Rousseau Design is a design/build firm, we were able to get better value for our money than we found elsewhere. Clyde had a very practical approach and did a fantastic job explaining costs to us, which helped us prioritize what was most important.

The caliber of design and workmanship was excellent. Had we used another firm, I don’t think we could have gotten that much value for the money. No other residential remodel contractor would have spent the time or had the ability to coordinate the engineering and trades required for some of the special features we wanted, such as the structural-steel corner window units.

From the start, Clyde’s vision of the space was terrific. He’s simply superb at incorporating regional design details and traditional materials to create a comfortable home with a fresh, contemporary feel that reflects our tastes. We’re thrilled.