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Arcadia Master Bath

Phoenix, Arizona

This project, a remodel of a sixty-year-old home, created a small addition to the original footprint to accommodate a larger master bathroom, closet and updated laundry room.

Architectural elements were completely reconfigured to accommodate the needs of a modern family. The remodel yielded not only additional space, but more efficiency and style.


The goal was to respect the original architecture of the home and the neighborhood while updating functionality. Though the net addition of square footage was minor (less than a hundred square feet), much more functionality was built into the new space with a new floor plan, new plumbing and new features. The bathroom's functional areas were separated by graduated walls, creating a feeling of spaciousness despite the room's modest size. The result is an updated area that merges seamlessly with the original.

Client Testimonial

Clyde has a keen sense of space and a great sense of color. Our artistic vision was clear: we wanted a bathroom that looks like a spa. And it's gorgeous. We've got aquamarine or turquoise mosaic tile throughout: some round, some square and some oval. It's a beautiful color, and Clyde found it for half the price we originally expected.

The small privacy walls divide the space yet keep it open. You can see the tub as soon as you walk in, and through the window on the other side of the tub, you look out onto the garden.

It was unlike working with other contractors. There was a lot of discussion back and forth. When ideas came up during the process, Clyde helped me keep the vision clear; he was a great steward of what I really wanted, and helped keep us on track. It was a good collaboration.

And since Rousseau Dsign was also building it, he didn't have to take the drawings and get outside contractors. So the work was well-supervised. Having his own crew was great, and his workers were wonderful.

It's a very gracefule design. Almost a year later, I still walk in and say to myself, I can't believe this is my bathroom. It's just so pretty.