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New York design perspective with general-contracting experience

Rousseau Design is proud to have Clyde Rousseau as its principle designer. Clyde received a professional Master of Architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1990. His studies include course work at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a semester in Rome with the Pratt School of Architecture. Early in his career, he worked in New York City for several architectural firms.

He is part of a prominent Arizona pioneer family that has called Arizona home for generations. His successful projects reflect his appreciation for urban living and his commitment to conserving and improving existing architecture.

Clyde's exceptional ability to blend a lasting palette of materials, superb organization of space, celebration of vernacular details and commitment to outstanding craftsmanship are what have distinguished him and have become the hallmarks of his work.

Valuable insights from years of residential contracting

Rousseau Design served as both architectural designer and general contractor for every project featured in this website. Hands-on experience in general contracting gives Rousseau Design in-depth knowledge of what goes into bringing visionary contemporary design to fruition.

Rousseau Design works closely with vendors to ensure finish carpentry, tile and other specialty subcontracting work is accomplished with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Rousseau Design is passionate about helping its clients achieve creative, high-quality living spaces in both urban and suburban settings.