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North Central Residence

Phoenix, Arizona

On an acre-and-a-quarter lot, this red-brick, traditional home was originally built in the mid-1950s. The general layout was preserved but the home was gutted and reconfigured to add a new kitchen and master bathroom.

Improvements to the guest house included the addition of a kitchen and bathroom in the guest house. The pool house received a new roof and its interior walls were eliminated to convert the space into an open room to accommodate a pool table and seating.

Careful measures were taken to make the improvements compatible with the home, while consistent with modern standards and taste.


A new pergola and brick patio was designed to connect the large pool and guest house with the home.

Client Testimonial

We’re still in the house, and absolutely love it. Everything flows now. Clyde was very clever; he brought ideas that on our own we would never have come up with. For instance, when we found a marble we loved, he found a way to use it in our fireplace and thresholds.

Clyde was a great mediator between my husband’s and my ideas. He was patient when I had a question, good at explaining. He got to know me, which helped when the choices became overwhelming; he knew when to stop working and resolve things later. He was a real delight to work with; I enjoyed him and loved his ideas.